DC441242 & DC441452

Welcome to DEFCON Group Cheltenham and Gloucester UK

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Who are DC441242 & DC441452

We are a free to attend all inclusive group of people with the occasional dog (location dependant). We meet on the first Monday of the month (except when we don’t) to talk about all things tech and infosec. Talks topics range from Blue teaming, Red teaming, hardware hacking, cryptography, to personal projects. If you would like to give a talk DM us on Twitter or complete this form.


Usually on Zoom. We will go back to in-person or a hybrid Zoom/in-person meets as the pandemic allows.


Get in touch to join our Slack channel or to offer a talk

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Join our [Meetup Group]~(https://www.meetup.com/DEFCON441242/) Closed down

For everything else: @dc441242